Marketing ideas for plumbers and electricians

Marketing ideas for plumbers and electricians

The Simple Marketing

Marketing business’ is important and needs careful consideration making sure it’s relevant. When marketing, thinking carefully about who your market is and how technically minded they are. In many cases, the best way of marketing will be by using the most simplistic option.

Plumbers & Electricians

Plumbers and electricians can go about marketing in a wide variety of ways. One of the easiest ways could include adding contact details to the front of the boiler or the consumer unit. Therefore, helping to drive customers to contact you in the future, stating you’re reliable and trustworthy. Another way of marketing within the plumbing and electrician roles could be through the power of ask. This could involve asking before leaving a job whether friends might need their services and passing on business cards. Or another way could be to maybe leave a bottle of Prosecco. A further way of gaining customers would be through stating “I’ll pop round later”, winning points in the local area.


Uniform is an important feature within marketing, helping you to look smart when working. Obviously, this would go without saying but making sure you have your gas safe card with you is important. Uniform can be used to leave a lasting impression in the home encouraging continued use of services. This impression could be made with a smart uniform and shoe covers. Stating how you take care of your work, whilst also making sure they are kept safe in their own home.


Branded vans are a perfect way of advertising for plumbers and electricians, although this could have both positive and negative effects. Let’s face it the positive effects would generally be the way to win, helping to gain new customers. If neighbours see a smart branded vehicle, with a nicely written sign, you are more than likely to get business from them.

Although there are also negatives with branding vans. Often having a branded van is unwanted because of the risk of it being broken into but improving van security can assist with this. This can due to services being obvious and tools for business’ being known. Instead of a branded van, the way to go about marketing with branding could be including a sign outside the property. This sign would include contact details helping to gain more business promoting yourself.

Email Marketing

Another marketing technique could be to get a little more technologically advanced by using a very simple platform called mail chimp. This enables you to set up automated emails with reminders for when the service is due. You just have to set up an automated email and add the email to the list, sending reminders of servicing or health checks that need doing.

Social Media

Again you can go more advanced than this if you fancy delving into social media using the likes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, it is recommended to use local advertising, targeting an audience within your area and demographic.

You will notice that this can be a very cost effective way of advertising especially if you want to supply and fit bathrooms and combat purchasing products from the sheds.

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