Eat 17 – The world of refill in the world of retail

Back in 2006, Eat17 was formed of a local grocery store and bistro in Walthamstow. When the Bacon Jam exploded from being on the Jonathon Ross show in September 2011, things started to change. Now with 4 stores Eat 17 Walthamstow, Eat17 Hackney, Eat 17 Bishops Stortford and Eat 17 Hammersmith.

“At Eat 17, we’re proud to be ‘not your average store’. We’re dedicated to doing things the right way; thinking local, prioritising people before profit, taking great pride in our work and, most of all, putting proper food on your plate.”

Chris and James | Eat 17 Co-founders

Eat 17 Walthamstow

The store has a great kitchen that is in use every day creating Eat 17’s very own pastries like donuts and chocolate brownies. In 2013, they became finalists for “Best Store in the World”

Eat 17 Hackney

This is probably my favourite store with a refillable wine station, therefore, helping to reduce waste in the environment enabling you to come to the store and refill a glass bottle. They have a wide selection of wines including the option of Vegan and Organic. Right here has the heart of what Eat 17 is all about, the Fresh Fishmongers from The Fresh Fish Shop really gives you a wide selection to choose from.

The craft beer selection at Eat 17 Hackney is great with a selection of craft beers including session IPA. Well worth not driving to be able to taste a few.

Eat 17 Bishop’s Stortford

This store takes you back to traditional local grocery stores with amazing food and drinks to choose from. The cafe here is remarkable and you can enjoy a cup of Tea or coffee whilst sampling some amazing food.

Here you will find the Refill culture continuing even down to loose Tea from Tealicious Ltd, a family run business who have a great passion for tea. The bakery here is fabulous and most of the day you can smell fresh bread. I guess back to the beers and wines as this is a newer store they have really honed the offering with wines and craft beers on offer. Again there is more fresh fish here and many Vegan products, catering for such a diverse market of people. Interestingly the ethos is not to make it expensive, instead it’s to shop healthy and clean not only for yourself but also the environment. You won’t feel like you have overspent apart from trying new things as every time I go here I always end up picking up a few extra things to try at home.

The New salad and Smoothie bar is open in store with a build your own smoothie or you can choose from a great menu.

Eat 17 Hammersmith

This has the largest refill area of all the stores and you can see why. Over time the selection and the growing market of refill is starting to build. With only 57% of the single-use plastic bottles being recycled, major brands like Franke have started on the refill market by offering free Franke refill water bottles with new Hot & Cold Water boiling Taps. The cafe here also enables you to sit and relax with a few drinks, maybe a cocktail, or two…

Eat 17 is like a Street Food Market with stores, Eat 17 Whitstable and Eat 17 Leytonstone.

Some of the brands that can be found in the stores are listed below.

Eat 17
Empress Market
Pizza Project
Knowing Meat Knowing You
The Fresh Fish Shop

Eat 17 Whitstable
27 – 31 High Street
01227 271038

Eat 17 Leytonstone
676 – 678 High Road
E11 3AA

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