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Model Photos and Retouched Images

Just thought I would post a quick image as very busy with new projects, workshops, and general Christmas spirit.

Below is an image I took at High5 in Germany which I have now retouched using many Photoshop techniques. If you require any images retouched, photo manipulation or portrait photos please feel free to get in contact.

I have recently been assisting Train to Create workshops with technical support on the days, helping & training people with Apple Mac, PC and software issues. Primarily first use of Wacom Tablets, Advanced Photoshop tips and tricks and generally helping passengers on the courses if they need any assistance. It has been a rewarding and challenging task as several people don’t turn up with what they need on the workshop. Surprising I know!

Anyway, for a better quality image follow me on 500px Darren House Photography

Well I will catch you soon.

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