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Free Wedding Photography in aid of Cancer Research UK

Photographers of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) from all over Britain have pledged to donate a day of their time for free in October, November or December 2009 for any deserving couples who are willing to raise money for Cancer Research UK. One couple from each county will be chosen by the Liaison Officer for that county and the Liaison Officer will then get in touch with the photographers in that area who have volunteered to help to see who is available on the couple’s date. Each Couple will be asked to raise as much money as they can via a Just Giving Page. The couple will need to pledge to raise at least £300 but if they have 30 guests coming to their wedding it would mean only £10 donation from each couple.

The photographer will work the whole day for free and the couple will receive, as a minimum, a DVD of photographs from the day. Some photographers will give them more but this is up to the individual photographer.

How do I apply?

If you know a couple that you believe deserves free wedding photography, either because they’ve been touched by cancer in some way or maybe in these hard times would not be able to afford a photographer then, in the first instance, please contact the Liaison Officer for your county saying why you think your couple should have free photography.

Darren House @ Darren House Photography is the Liaison Officer for the Oxfordshire Region. Email your story to him at [email protected]

When will I know if I have been chosen?

The closing date for applications is 30th June 2009. You will be informed whether you have been chosen by 14th July 2009.

I am a photographer and would like to help!

If you are in the Oxfordshire area then please email your details, date availability during October, November and December 2009 to . We appreciate that your date availability may change, please can you keep us up to date with available dates.

If you are a photographer then we really appreciate your help. If you are outside of the Oxfordshire Region, then please contact the Liaison Officer for your County direct or email your details to [email protected]


You can help make a couple’s dream day come true by providing them with their wedding photography.
For more information please visit my website for Oxfordshire Liaison Officer Wedding Photography in aid of Cancer Research UK

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