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Totally off topic from my… Life and Purpose

Life and Purpose

Good Afternoon

Totally off topic from my usual social media, marketing, photography, retouching and Photoshop subjects, but not less important.

I logged into Twitter today and read through my feed as I do most days and the awesome Jen Brook who if you don’t already follow I really would recommend following. Not only is she a creative genius just a damn nice person. I had the pleasure of being in her company over two days whilst she was an amazing creative influence on the Adian Sommeling workshop with Train to Create in London.

Anyway back on track…

She posted this video with the comment ‘nice’.

I really like the cinematography, suspense theme behind the short film, I very often say to people they need to take time as life is to short. In fact my Dad has said to me hundreds of time ‘you are a long time dead’ now I am sure this is not the only message in the film but it talks about a sense of purpose and leaving something behind on this earth before you die.

What changes would you make to your life to leave something before you die?

Catch up soon.

Darren House

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