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Pirates of Prestwood

Pirates of Prestwood

This image is one I have been working on for some time, on and off making slight changes each time.

Out of pure frustration I came close to deleting it a few times.  It is thanks to the lovely Alex Beedon that I am now sat here with not one but two images to show to you. Amongst many things Alex Beedon reminded me that things aren’t always perfect but we should to work to deadlines.

With this in mind I can now show you my creation as my March image, even this morning it was going to be binned as in my mind it’s not perfect.

So, here is Pirates of Prestwood.

Pirates of Prestwood by Darren House

The image was taken on the High5 workshop with Calvin Hollywood and Glyn Dewis inspired from one of the original movie posters for the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

I must say the most amazing part of the image is the model or should I say ‘Jack Sparrow’ he was amazing. He could recollect any part of any of the films and put himself in character. I’m sure Johnny Depp just borrowed it from Björn Kuhlow aka The German Captian Jack Sparrow

I hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions either email me [email protected] or comment below.

Check on Monday as I have a new image that is mega exciting 🙂

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