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Blue Frog World Toys BTS

Blue Frog World Toys BTS (behind the scenes)

Well here are some more behind the scenes pictures this time my good friend Gary Boon who is a graphic/3D/Toy designer and runs a company called Blue-Frog. I normally take his pictures for him but on this occasion he wanted to learn to take the pictures himself.

We used a very crude set up, the key here is the Light Tent gives you a nice even lit product and in less that 30 seconds in Photoshop the images turn out great.

You could buy a light tent or make your own with fabric and a desk lamp.
I bought mine 2nd hand on eBay for about £15 its well worth it for doing product shots.

If you would like to see more of his work including work in progress and the making of these follow him on.

Light Tent – Toy Pics

Gary Boon taking toy pictures
Blue Frog Toys 1

Blue Frog Toys 2

Exciting new post coming soon…..

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