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I have set myself a goal this year to produce a new image every month. So far I am on target as I have done Call of Duty PosterThe Hulk Poster  – Pirates of Prestwood and now WrongBlood. It would be great to be able to exceed my expectations but with a house move looming and a holiday too who knows what April has in store for Soph & I!
This most recent poster was created for many reasons. It started from my experience in Germany with Glyn Dewis and Calvin Hollywood. They talked about influence and goal setting. When I came back I set up a group on Facebook called Creative Team. The purpose of this team is to collaboratively come up with ideas and work on them together as a team.
To date the group has produced many great ideas and hope to show you some more work from the team in the near future.


‘WRONGBLOOD’ by the Creative Team
If you would like to know more about any of the techniques used in this image please send me an email [email protected] or leave a comment below.
A big thanks to the creative team that created this image with me:
Model – Jade Faulkner from Aylesbury

Photography Assistant – Becki Fitzgibbons from Hemel Hempstead
Photographer – Darren House from Puckeridge
Studio in High Wycombe

I have some new work coming very soon. If you haven’t already check out the BTS of this image BTS BlackSwan and TrueBlood.

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Catch you soon.

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