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24hr Photoshop Wow this is going to be great…

Wow this looks great Free 24hr Photoshop with some of the worlds best speakers!

Aaron Nace, Andrew Darlow, Andrew Shalat, Andy Biggs, Arthur Morris, Ben Willmore, Bert Monroy, Beth Forester, Brian Wood, Carrie Beene, Cherie Steinberg, Chris Converse, Chris Tarantino, Christopher Dodds, Chuck Arlund, Claudia McCue, Colby Brown, Colin Smith, Corey Hilz, Dan Hughes, Dave Cross, David Harradine, Denise Ippolito, Derrick Story, Dustin Meyer, Eddie Tapp, Edward Smith, Frank Salas, Fred Johnson, Hedley Jones, Jan Kabili, Janice Wendt, Jared Platt, Jason Odell, Jay Goodrich, Jay Patel, Jeff Foster, Jerry Courvoisier, Jim Kidwell, Joe Glyda, John Paul Caponigro, John Ruter, Judy Host, Justin Balog, Justin Black, Kathleen Clemons, Kenny Kim, Laurie Rubin, Lee Varis, Margo Pinkerton, Marianne Drenthe, Marilyn Sholin, Maxis Gamez, Mickey Strand, Mike Strickland, Moose Peterson, Peter Hurley, Rick Sammon, Sean Arbabi, Scott Valentine, Stephen Burns, Stephen Johnson, Stephen Schaub, Steve Caplin, Suzette Allen, Tim Mantoani, Varina Patel, Vincent Versace, Winifred Whitfield

Its on-line free on the 14th – 15th November with over 100 sessions and Photoshop tutorials. You can get full assess .

It has a great schedule with timed location for around the world and easy to read! Schedule 24hr Photoshop

I will be watching will you?

Twitter is @24hourphotoshop
Facebook is 24hourphotoshop

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