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Being a NAPP Member and what it means…..

Being a NAPP Member and what it means….. (National Association of Photoshop Professionals)

I have been a member of N.A.P.P for the past 10 months, since I joined my motivation to push myself and my photography has grown an unbelievable amount.

With the typical American customer service and support via so many channels though social media, email and telephone they are just great.

So what’s different to any other forum, group, magazine or group of friends?

Well its just the sheer size of what they offer, how they deliver it combined with awesome interaction.

Some examples: Photoshop User Magazine, N.A.P.P members site including forum  portfolio sharing, exclusive downloads, training videos, tips and tricks, launch reviews, Photoshop User TV, NAPP News plus more and more and more…..

With NAPP there is also a close link to Kelby Training which, I am also a member but they also have lots of FREE resources like.

The Grid
Ask Dave
Photoshop Killer Tips
Lightroom Killer Tips
Photography Tips & Tricks
Layers TV

Wow how much is that? Well that’s not all!     Yes really! 

In the UK we are very privileged to have our very own UK NAPP site with exclusive UK Offers and support looked after by a great guy Dave Clayton. Top UK Photographer & Retoucher Glyn Dewis is also closely linked to NAPP and Kelby Training he also offers great support to the UK NAPP site.

There is literally hundreds of offers and discounts to be had across the 3 sites mentioned so before you buy something Join NAPP and you’ll probably save your membership fee in one go!

What does it cost? Approximately £65 per year yes that’s all! Links below for joining.

Just one more thing you even get a certificate……. (below)

Catch you soon and have a great weekend!

Darren House
Photographer & Marketeer

Proud NAPP Member
Learn Photography Online with the Pros Where everyone learns Photoshop - National Association of Photoshop Professionals

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