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New Shoot Dates (updated)

Below is a list of dates that I am available over the next 2 months.

Shoot Dates 2010 more to follow!

February 2010
1st Feb Mon (7pm – 9pm) – Amba-Rose Beeden
2nd Feb Tues (7pm – 9pm) –
8th Feb Mon (7pm – 9pm) – Lucy Johns
15th Feb Mon (7pm – 9pm) – Nicole Stukenbrock
16th Feb Tues (7pm – 9pm) – Rebecca McLaughlin
20th Feb Sat (10am – 2pm)
24th Feb Wed (7pm – 9pm) – Kirsty Pritchard
March 2010
1st March Mon (7pm – 9pm) – Lucie-Jo Moys
2nd March Tues (7pm – 9pm)
3rd March Wed (7pm – 9pm) – Kirsty Pritchard
4th March Thurs (7pm – 9pm) – Sarah Palmer Cox
13th March Sat (10am – 2pm)
16th March Tues (7pm – 9pm)
27th March Sat (All Day) – Emma Burrows
28th March Sun (All Day) – Zoe & Ian
Below are a list of the weekends.
April 2010
24th April Sat (10am – 2pm) Emma Garrett
May 2010
15th May Sat (10am – 2pm)
29th May Sat (10am – 2pm)
June 2010
5th June Sat (10am – 2pm)
Other dates and times are available so please contact if you have a specific request.

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