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Lara Jade Business Seminar at Canon Pro Solutions

Lara Jade at Cannon Pro Solutions

Lara Jade Bio:
Lara Jade Photography is an internationally represented fashion, editorial and advertising photographer currently based in New York City.

Well it all started like this! A dark room with a projector.

Then Lara steps out to talk about her presentation on Photography and Business.

Lara went through her early years of work and had some very insperational images and stories from 14-17yrs when she started her own business.

Key points to improve and keep upto date:

  • Planning Ideas
  • Keep Testing
  • Range of Images

Then Lara mentioned her 10 quick tips the business of photography:-

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Choose your direction – don’t be a jack of all trades
  3. Know your equipment
  4. Stay inspired – new ideas
  5. Keep shooting 60-70. % personal
  6. Branding – first impressions -artist
  7. Networking – 80% of what they do! Sharing ideas
  8. Learn your market – know competition and price usp
  9. Get back up – model connections – creative teams – pr- representation – agents
  10. Confidence – gets you work – key to success

She then moved on to the Importance of social media: Why use social media?

  • Attract new clients
  • Establish a reputation
  • Share your vision
  • Express yourself
  • Show new work
  • Share knowledge
  • Connect with clients

Advantages: free, saves time, insight
Disadvantages: copyright privacy
“Social media enables you to create a conversation you wouldn’t of otherwise had?”Lara Jade 25th October 2011

Lara then mentioned she has been using Facebook for 6 years and like twitter it keeps her in contact with fans . She likes Twitter because its short and to the point and allows for constant feedback.

PIX 500
Blogging ideal for: Behind the scenes – Tip n tricks – Resources

She mentioned that keeping it simple with links and consistent branding and incorporating other social media Tumbler and WordPress. She like Tumbler as people can reblog?
Facebook insights is great for monitoring interaction and she has 62470 fans on FB page.
She also uses Google analytics to find out where webtraffic is coming from and what countries her work is being followed.

There was then a question time. It ended like this.

In a nut shell it was a insperational seminar, great for new starters or people who don’t use social media very much. I did feel a slight disconnect with the audiance but in the Q&A session the emotion was regained.

If you would like to visit Lara Jades work please pop over to her blog.

Lara Jade Blog

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