Canon Pro Solutions,  Hasselbad

Canon Pro Solutions – Hasselblad

I had a great day at the Canon Pro Solutions day in Islington London as i’m sure you can tell.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Witney the Web, IT and Communication Supervisor at Hasselblad.

I had great fun with the Hasselbad H4D – 31 with True Focus, a system that allows you to move the camera angle up/down/left/right and remain in focus.

When i was there i spoke to Nicky West who showed me the software they offer. It was easy to use an workflow would be manageable. We also discussed a great Food Photographer Jonathan Gregson.

Below are some images that i took on the day. I think they are great!

The model is Fiona York, taken with the H4D – 31 with a HC 80 Lens at Canon Pro Solutions Day.
ISO-100, F11, @70mm

Have a look at the detail.

Full Size:

This is straight out of camera zoomed to 100% WOW just WOW.

The other thing to note is file size of around 80mb each.

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Very Professional Model Fiona in an image I took but Copyright belongs to Hasselblad UK taken at the Pro Solutions Event Using Hasselblad H4D. This is from a 31 Megapixel Camera provided by HB UK the lens is a HC80mm Lens 100 ISO, F11

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