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Google Business Photos – Streetview for Businesses – Hertford

Hi Folks

A slightly different one for you today I have just passed as a ‘Google Business Photos’ Photographer. 
What is ‘Google Business Photos’?
Well the easiest way of explaining it is probably Google Street View for businesses it’s a really neat project and I’m chuffed to be working on it.
So if you are a local business or know a local business owner let them know it’s available and point them to my website.
I am looking for Local businesses anywhere from East Herts to South Bucks so, my home towns of High Wycombe and Hertford are where I am concentrating first. 
Check out my new website page dedicated to Google Business Photos I also have a Twitter and Facebook page dedicated to this new service.
Below is the main UK advert via YouTube.

Any comments and feed back would be great.

So don’t forget need ‘Google Business Photos’? Give me a call.

Photographer – Retoucher – Marketeer – Google Business Photos
07912 963 620

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