Birthday Photos

Sophie’s Birthday Weekend

Well had a very busy weekend.

I was in London for Sophie’s Birthday weekend we went to the Below Zero (Absolute Ice Bar) London. Was very cold in side -5 degrees.

The Drinks were cool (well minus 5) bet was good fun.

A vodka Red Bull in the adjoining Bar was £10! Not cheap!

We also went shopping in Oxford Street on Saturday but it was very busy!

On Sunday i did photos for the Wycombe Half Marathon (Sophies actual birthday) so Sophie was happy at getting up at 6am. All good fun! See seperate entry for Marathon photos.

We had a BBQ at Sophies house and i caught Mim eating again wot a suprise. Oh and Mim no one will ever think twenty stone!

Website for the Bar is Below Zero London

I have added some photos below. Enjoy!

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