Birthday Photos

Day Out at Audley End House

I went to Audley End House for Sophies Dads birthday it was a very good evening.

We had loads of food & drink with us there its was like a feast for 12.

The music was very good we all had fun as you can see from the photos below. As you will probably see there are more pictures of Mim eating as she is always stuffing her face.

Hope you like the pictures.

The spead, this was just main coarse. We had snacks, starter, main and then dessert. Yum Yum!

Its time to go back to the Seventies ‘Peace Man’

Down in the crowd.

Mim and Trudie Posing for a photos.

The men showing how to pose for a picture properly!

Mim eating again. What a suprise!!

Mim on my shoulders watching the performance. Well she is very short!

Drinking Time!!!

We all must have been drunk by now!

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