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As i am asked all the time about models and modeling i have found this information.

This is not written by me but it will give you a guide.

What size do you have to be a model?
Editorial and fashion female models are tall and thin, are usually 5’8″-6′ tall with hips no larger than 36, usually have long necks and full lips.
Male models are trim and athletic, 6′-6’2″ tall and wear a 40 or 42 jacket. A full head of healthy hair and good teeth are essential.
Commercial models come in a whole range of sizes…. it really depends on your “look” more than your size.
Body and parts models can be any size… it is proportions that count.

Children and teens modeling
Children and teens can work in many types of modeling: fashion shows, editorial, catalogue, commercials. Teen models are called JUNIOR MODELS and must be 5’4 to 5’8 tall, 12 to 17 years old with youthful look. Children can be any size.

I just found on internet info that all that “slim and beauty” models almost gone and to be a model you can look as regular people on the streets. Is it true?
Browsing an internet you can find tons of absolutely unprofessional information and stupid recommendations.
It is a very easy to get an answer to your question. Just look through the last fashion magazines. When models will look as regular people on the streets they will be paid also as regular people: $10 – 15 per hour. However, some ads and fashion collections require the “street” look.

All my friends think that I am very beautiful and keep saying that I should try modeling, but I am not sure. Can you give me some advise?
It is very difficult to give you this kind of advise without seeing you. However, if many people suggested that you should consider modeling, perhaps you should. But first you have to understand what a modeling is about. Any client who is using a model’s services does so because the model can help to promote and sell their product. That is the only reason why they hire models. Just to be a beautiful is not enough to be a good model. Look through fashion magazines and you will see many not so beautiful but very successful models. Please understand that all agencies and clients are looking for models with a very interesting and unique look.

You have learned requirements. It was a first and an easiest step. But now you have to make a second step. Evaluation. It is a very critical and sometimes is a most difficult step. You have to be honest with yourself!
Look in the mirror and ask yourself: Do I have what needs to be a model?
The best scenario if you are young, tall, slim and beautiful. You have good teeth, long necks and full lips. In this case your modeling potential has no limits. Any market!
But If your body is not slim – it is already a limit. If you are not tall enough – it is a limit. If you are not young – one more limit. And each one more limit makes your modeling market more and more narrower. Some people think that anybody can become a commercial model. But commercial modeling still has one very important requirement – you must have an acting talent.
So, ask yourself: What kind of modeling is good for me? What is my market? What can make clients to choose you to promote their collections or product? Give yourself honest – I repeat – the honest answers and you can save a lot of time and money. And you will never be a victim of scams.

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