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Once again i am always asked about this by Models.

From the modeling Guide “SUCCESS IN MODELING CAREER” by Igor Malkov.

Here is the first example of a very popular advice:
“All you have to do is learn to relax in front of the camera, have fun, and let your creativity come through.”
It is one of the stupidest advice. It’s good to relax on vacation. In front of camera you must work. Or, at least, to learn how to work. For me it is difficult to understand how is it possible to relax and feel comfortable in front of camera if you have no idea what and how to do? I think it will be more useful to learn how to work. It is only way for you, your agent and your clients to feel comfortable.
One more example:
“Buy the books with the modeling poses and learn from them.”
Following this ingenious advice someone from you has probably bought the similar book. Perhaps you have learned some poses already. My opinion on this advice is very simple – take this book and throw it to a garbage can as soon as possible. What you have to do next, will be more difficult – you have to forget all those poses! Why? Because they are empty and absolutely useless. Only imagine that you preparing for the shooting and think: “Now I use a pose number 25, and then a pose number 19”. The real nightmare for any art-director and the photographer.

Each product, fashion collection and especially high fashion collection has its own style and mood. And the model’s job is to express this style and mood and to make it attractive to public.
Please understand: The pose is secondary. First there should be a feeling which will give birth to a natural pose. You do not need to learn how to make empty poses. You should learn how to create thousand natural poses.

You should begin practicing in front of a full length mirror. But very soon you should check up your success with a help of a camcorder. There are two reasons for that.
First: You will not use a mirror posing in studios;
Second: you will be amazed how differently you see yourself in a mirror and as you will be seen by a lens of the camcorder.

The main thing you have to understand that a model as any artist or a musician has own working tools – the instrument. And that instrument for a model is a whole you. Including everything. Your body, your head, hands, legs, fingers, your eyes and feelings. Perhaps you think that if it all yours you know how to use it. Big mistake! You must practice and practice until you will learn how to use this instrument.

I can always assist with posing whilst on a photo shoot and i also carry posing guides as well.

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