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Today was a good day.  Several people I know in the world of Crossfit all descended in London Olympia for the Battle Cancer event. It is a very successful event sponsored by Progenex. The day started with a trip to Costa Coffee in Hatfield as I need a good coffee in the morning to start my day off.

en route to Battle Cancer with a coffee

Both boys in the back singing along to songs on the radio were very cute. Eventually, after about an hour and 20 minutes, we arrived at London Olympia. As soon as we arrived both of them said they we hungry and wanted food straight away. They popped themselves into the Progenex Chairs and ate an early lunch.

Progenex Battle Cancer two boys eating lunch

I decided to try and capture some of the action of the Battle Cancer workouts whilst they sat quietly. I was looking out for friends from Crossfit Huntsman, Crossfit Watford and Crossfit Wycombe.

You can watch the 5 videos from Battle Cancer here on my Battle Cancer Video Playlist it was a fast paces fitness event with so many heats and people taking part from scaled to RX, men and women it was very busy but so well organised.

Unfortunately, the boys started getting restless and wanted to go home, after a short while I decided to make a move once they started running back and forth to the exit.

The event was excellently run with so many competitors taking part, not only the mixed teams with both RX and scaled options the event ran like clockwork. It really was a display of functional fitness with people from all shapes and sizes taking part. The age range was also diverse and I was surprised to see how far people had travelled to take part and support the Battle Cancer Event.

The drive back wasn’t that bad back to Hertford from London with it taking just over an hour. As you can imagine the boys both fell asleep for a while due to all the running around.

If you are interested in donating to support the cause link below

Donate to Battle Cancer

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