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Portrait Project “Ordinary Jobs” Update!

Portrait Project “Ordinary Jobs” do you want to take part?
I am putting together a series of portrait images with the theme of ‘ordinary jobs’ these will then be placed in an album. You will receive a copy digitally you can use for your own portfolio, social media or print an keep at home.
If you are interested in giving up your time and being part of this project please contact/email me with the following information. My email is [email protected] .
Mobile Number
What would be required of you on the day of the shoot?
Anyone that is part of the shoot would need to come in what they wear to work, their main job or there main hobby.  It doesn’t matter what you do I need a variety of people so please drop me a note so I can start pulling the group of people together.  I have listed some ideas of people I am looking for below but I am open to other ideas.
An example of a portrait is below. 

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