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My day from Hell – Wrong Turn


Thanks for reading my blog. Normally filled with Photography, Photoshop, Marketing and Google Business Photos – today I want to talk about turns we make in life.

Well Friday 7th February was a day from Hell for me, I spent 15hrs in my car and only 45 mins at work.

5.30am 3rd Alarm goes off and I get up.
5.35am I arrive in the shower, have a shave and clean my teeth.
5.55am I am dressed, grab my lunch and head to the car.
6.00am I leave my house and get to the bottom of the road to be greeted with a flood, torrents of water flooding my local pub.
6.25am I am driving along the A414 near St. Albans and the road is flooded but we are all driving through several flooded roads so just carry on. I hear on the radio that the M25 is closed to get on the M40 so I have two options Chesham via Bovingdon or Chesham via A41 to get to High Wycombe. I decide on Bovingdon (on a hill). The bottom road in Chesham floods and they have road works so I feel this is the best route.
6.45am I am travelling towards Bovingdon and by the golf course there has been a landslide that has filled the road and the water is running down the hill like a full on river.
7.00am I am travelling just past Bovingdon airfield and am greeted with a small flood off to the right, whilst following a couple of cars including another BMW in front we both drive slowly thought the water. At which point my car splutters to a stop.
7.05 Sat in the car in the water.
7.15 call the AA requesting assistance and get told it would be 9am before the 4th Emergency service arrives.
9.00am A call comes through it will now be 10am
10am Another call comes in it will now be 10.40am
11.10 am I am now told it will be 12noon
12.10 My rescuer arrives, well a guys turns up and says ‘I can’t help you I have just come to asses the situation’ (I feel like exploding)
1.35 Another AA van arrives and hitches me up to take me to Wycombe.
2.35 I arrive in High Wycombe and drop my car off
3.30 I arrive at a hire car centre to collect a car for the weekend
3.45 Finally I arrive at work to call the insurance company
4.30 I arrive at my desk with 45mins until I go home only to receive a call to say the engine of my car is knackered.
5.30 I leave my office to go home and have a beer in a non-flooded local pub.
5.50 I get diverted off the M40/M25 toward Heathrow, I then travel to the M4 get off and head towards Slough after sitting in 45 mins of traffic. I then get brought round through Iver toward the M40/A40 junction in to London, around the North Circular, up the M1 off at Watford then through to St. Albans and finally head on the back roads home.
9.00pm I arrive home exhausted, it’s take three and a half hours to do a 45min drive.

I now need a new engine for my car, lets see what happens. If only I had taken a different turn.

Below is the videos and photos from the day.


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