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“The Hulk” Movie Poster by Darren House

Thanks for dropping by to check out my “The Hulk” Movie Poster.

Dynamic Duo Workshop
I recently went on a course called Dynamic Duo with Glyn and took an amazing image of Steve Lewington with a pose inspired by The Hulk. This then leads me to push this image in my already busy editing schedule, but I think it’s such a cracking image.
‘The Hulk”

Well here he is:

“The Hulk”


If you would like to see the before an after check out my previous post ‘Hulk Work in Progress
How it was made and inspiration
This poster has 25 layers in 7 groups with techniques I have learn’t from Glyn DewisCalvin Hollywood,  Gabor Richter and my NAPP Membership so includes people like Corey Barker.
In the coming weeks, I am hoping to do a few tips and techniques by video or screen flow showing how I created, not only this image but also my Call of Duty Black Ops image.
As many of you that already follow me will know, I have been on many courses with Glyn Dewis and more recently with Calvin Hollywood. If you also follow these guys you will see that I have taken great inspiration from these two amazing retouchers.
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Darren House

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