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Please help Charlotte to win Miss GB

This is from her!

First of all i want to thank everyone for all your sweet messages about the Miss Great Britain Competition – It is hard for me to get a lot of support as i live in Cornwall, and so i really do appreciate it

I have been told that there is going to be a text vote for the final – and there isnt much time, the voting started last week and go on until the day of the final, so i am really hoping that you will be able to help me

If you could please text ‘miss gb 47’ exactly like that, to 80808, you will help me gain votes, which means, if i win the text vote, i am gauranteed a place in the final 12, which would mean the absolute world to me

Please please please do your best to help me, and if possible ask your friends too as well, if any of you could repost this bulletin id really appreciate it

Thank you sooo much, your support means everything

Love and hugs

Charlotte x x x x

text ‘miss gb 47’ to 80808

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