Model Photography Advice Guide

Model Photography Advice Guide

As a photographer the safety of my clients is very important. After working with a broad range of people I found how some of their experiences have left them with a negative view of photographers, for this reason I have created a document of advice that I hope future clients can refer to before a shoot. 
Preparing for a Photo Shoot
Practice – Practice – Practice!
All models should spend time in front of a mirror practicing expressions and poses they will use come a photo shoot. Make sure you practice facial expressions in front of the mirror, especially how your face feels with a perfect smile – no gums, eyes open but not squinting.  It’s important to know how your facial feelings change with your expressions, laughing, smiling, pouting and frowning are a good start.  Equally important is knowing how your body feels when it is posed in an attractive way. Try to practice your poses in front of a mirror while naked. Yes “naked”! With clothes on you have pockets, colours, etc to “hang on” to and distract you, without clothes on you will be able to learn where to put your hands and make them look attractive.
When shooting your photographer will probably guide you through poses however, you will be more confident if you are able to do some basic poses on your own. 
Make sure you look through recent fashion magazines for ideas and use the internet to research.
When choosing your outfits for the shoot make sure that you feel comfortable in them all, add shoes and accessories that will enhance the look that you are trying to achieve. Bringing jewelry along is an option however portfolio images are about you and jewelry can sometimes distract from the focus of the image which is YOU!
Props can make a photo more believable and also give you something to do with your hands, just make sure that they go with the outfits you have planned!
Changes of image are a good thing for some models but the night before is not the time to try a new hair colour/style or beauty treatment! If for any reason it doesn’t work you will end up feeling self-conscious throughout the shoot.
Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before a shoot. A ‘good’ night out with only two hours sleep won’t help the images you are trying to achieve!
If possible try to get your nails done. Generally, short and neutral (nude polish or a French manicure) is the most effective look. So many great photographs have been ruined by horrible nails! Don’t forget your toes nails as well though!
Come the night before your shoot ensure that you get enough sleep.  We all love nights about but walking into a shoot with a hangover and or bags under your eyes will only hinder the final results you create.
Things To Remember On The Day Of A Photo Shoot
–            Make sure you are prepared! Clothes ironed and shoes clean!
  1. Arrive on time and make sure you have the photographers number to hand incase you get held up.
  2. Try not to bring your boy/girl friend along to the shoot.  If you feel more comfortable with someone going along with you try to bring along a good friend that won’t mind sitting outside while you are having the shoot done.  Ideally make sure you have let people know where you are going and how long for and leave them the contact details of the photographer.
  3. Wear lose fitting clothes for the journey to the shoot, you don’t want marks on your skin!

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