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Seven days of violence in High Wycombe – Bucks Free Press

High Wycombe’s Newspaper ‘Bucks Free Press” has a guest writer call Ivor.

He has a very to the point opinion and I quite like it.
Below is a copy of a peice put on the Bucks Free Press website about High Wycombe and whats been happening recently.
Below is a quote from the Bucks Free Press.

By ivor »

    It seems the rule of law is breaking down in Wycombe.

    In the last seven days there have been vans filled with gas cylinders set alight in an attempt to endanger life, people have been attacked in the street with axes and there was an arson attack on some flats in Downley.

    What is our town coming to?

    It seems the quiet, peaceful market town of yesteryear with a babbling river running through has turned into a lawless cauldron of hate and violent attacks.

    Rather than ducks swimming through on their way to the Rye nowadays the emergency services are rushing through with sirens blaring to deal with the latest outrage.

    For many months I have been saying about the trouble in the town late at night and this weeks revelations have merely confirmed my suspicions.

    In the past year two people that I know of have been attacked in the town centre late at night. Both required hospital treatment for their injuries.

    The powers that be can build as many cinemas, bowling alleys and restaurants as they like but there is no way you will find me in the town after dusk. It’s just too dangerous to go out.

    Over the Easter weekend I was invited to stay with my neighbour however on this occasion there were also other guests including a youngster who brought a computer games machine and plugged it in to the picture box.

    I have never been so shocked in my life with the sort of games being played. It seems the objective was to shoot anything or anyone that moved and the pictures were so realistic too.

    No wonder there is so much violence in our society if the youngster are brought up with such terrible games.

    Being a gentle person I had to avert my gaze indeed I even offered to show the youngster my greenhouse in the hope of showing them there are more constructive things to do than waste time on violent games.

    Sadly the youngster thought greenhouses were “boring” and the spate of on screen violence continued.

    While the towns CCTV system is recording the crimes the police are nowhere to be seen. I can’t remember how long it has been since I saw a policeman walking around the town centre.

    The criminals of today are no longer scared of cameras. We need real policemen on patrol to catch the troublemakers in the act. Unless of course the police themselves are too scared to walk the streets of Wycombe?

    I think the time has come to clean up society and send a strong moral message to the youngsters that they should show care and consideration for others.

    Until that happens we are destined to sink lower into the depravity and violence that is blighting our society today.

    If you would like to see this on there website click here

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