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Bank Holiday Weekend Day 3

Well the last day of the bank holiday was very cold in the morning and the sun only just started to break through as we left at 1pm. But the day was good got some reasonable shots with the 350D and twin set lenses so i was a bit disappointed with the sharpness. Even said that the bike are probably traveling at approx 80-100mph.

Denise (ready to go)

The groupies!!

All the on Track action below! (if you want copies guys just email me!)

Oh and on the way home had an excellent drive apart from the M40 accident. That didn’t delay us to much tho!

Thanks for checking my blog. I will add a link to a page with all the track day action shots.

Darren House

ps Thanks to Denise Lofting, Gavin Bartlett, Lynn & family for their hospitality. (curry and chili after a 7 hrs drive was a life saver)

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