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Bank Holiday Weekend Day 2

Well Day 2 we spent 7hrs driving from Falmouth in Cornwall to Anglesey in North Wales It was 380 miles and took some going.

But it was all worth it as you can see from the view and the sights i found at the Anglesey Circuit. We went up here to meet up with Dee and Gav they were on a Track Day from Hottrax.

This was taken on the up there as we were going along the A5 through Wales.

This is one view from the edge of the race circuit wish i had got there a little earlier.

Riders walking the track at dusk. A little girl on a Barbie bike came past us all with stabilizers on with the biggest grin ever!

I found this bloke wondering around looking for his Bitch and he spent quite along time wondering around the naked mens tent and the Mens toilet! (Gav no one was even surprised you wore this and only this!!)

Told you not to hang around here!

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