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100th video on Youtube by Glyn Dewis

Today a great buddy of mine Glyn Dewis has just posted his 100th video mainly Photoshop Tutorials, Photography Tutorials and Speed Retouching on YouTube.

Glyn has been an influence on both Photoshop and life skills over the past few years he is one of my role models with nearly 13,000 YouTube subscribers and 1.8 million views.

He was also the man who got me into NAPP and Kelby Training which are both great resources for Photoshop and Design check out why is decided to become a NAPP Member and join Kelby Training in one of my previous blog posts “Being a NAPP Member and what it means”

Really well-done buddy looking forward to more amazing Photoshop tutorials.

This is his 100th YouTube video Photoshop Speed Retouch “Running Late”.

The Photoshop Tutorial pain-free Tattoo is one of my personal favourites as it is so, so, simple but yet amazingly good 🙂





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