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New Year, CryTivo & 2013 your ideas…

New Year, CryTivo & 2013 your ideas…

Well I’m sat here in Puckeridge, Hertfordshire watching some films to get some inspiration for 2013 shoot ideas.

I’m away in January for a week with Glyn Dewis and Calvin Hollywood, but still setting myself a task for each month of 2013 with new composite each month.

I have recently found a great website called CryTivo it is especially for Creatives and Photographers its brand new and looks like fun so pop over and check it out. CryTivo I have just applied to be a Moderator on CryTivo and the have a great contest for this check it out on there site.

If you have any ideas for Shoot ideas or would like to take part as either model, make up artist or creative please feel free to email me details are on my website.

Heres to 2013 and let be creative πŸ™‚

Darren House
Photographer & Marketeer

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