Just Renewed my NAPP Membership and Kelby Training

Just Renewed my NAPP Membership and Kelby Training

As you will know from a previous blog post I did earlier in the year I am extremely pleased with my NAPP and Kelby Training Memberships.

Being a NAPP Member & What it Means

It has enabled me to process with both Graphic Design and Photography Composites. Check out my last composite to see how I have progressed – The Personal Trainer.

The Cyber Monday deal they are offering is probably the best you will ever get 🙂

To join normally it would cost you $298 or £185

Today using code CYBERMON you will Only pay $159 or £99 for Kelby Training and $99 or £62 for NAPP plus you get 6 months free using CYBERRENEW $258 or £161(remember 6 months NAPP free!)

But this is the probably a better deal for me

Use CYBER60 and you get both NAPP and Kelby Training for just $199 or £124 so netted down costs you £10 more over 18months but that seems great to me!

Just one last thing once you join make sure you contact @NAPPMEMBER_UK and @GlynDewis on Twitter and say Hi! Trust me they are great guys and will make you feel very welcome. UK also has its own NAPP site so even better…..


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