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Work in Progress – The Personal Trainer – Composite Photography

Work in Progress – The Personal Trainer

Hey there just wanted to share a little bit of work in progress “The Personal Trainer”

I did a photo shoot in High Wycombe the other day and from it I have 3 or 4 great images I can use for my composite. I had a great model or the day Dani Hawes who is a professional personal trainer DH Personal Training and the Make up Artist Abbie May MUA check out the pages.

I have started to just lay up the images to check which image would work best for what I am going to achieve. I will post a little more on how I did this in the coming weeks.

Hope to have the finished version up on the blog very soon!

Keep checking back to see more soon 🙂

Darren House

The Personal Trainer – Composite Mock-up

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