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Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk – Oxford, UK

Wow what an amazing day we had in Oxford for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk

Met some great people including Richard Curtis • Adobe UK, Glyn Dewis • Photographer, Trainer & Retoucher, Dave ClaytonNAPP Member UK and James Hole • Photographer

Radcliff Camera – Oxford by Darren House for WWPW

I have posted some photos to my Google Plus (G+) account here Gplus and below.

Check out a great post by Glyn Dewis with some awesome videos of the day so very funny.

Glyn Dewis Oxford Worldwide Photo Walk

Typical Oxford Street

Oxford Camera

WWPW Photographers in Oxford

Brasenose Lane, Oxford UK

Oxford Students

Silence in Oxford

New College Lane

St. Helens Passage

Oxford Cobbled Street

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