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Getting Out of The Rut by Jessica Caire

Good Morning
I have followed Jessica Claire since I become a photographer in fact she is one of my first inspirational photographers. 

I think her Weddings and Portraits are amazing and inspirational. 

When I see this post by her it made me think that from time to time we all get in a Rut and get bogged down. It is nice to see that everyone experiences this from time to time? 

If you haven’t seen her work or want to read the full post follow the link below.

Getting out of the Rut by Jessica Claire

“Stuck in a rut.  It’s official–I have been stuck in a rut.  Somewhere between keeping up with emails, changing diapers, going to the grocery store, and trying to stay out of the heat, I got stuck in a rut.  At first I thought this was a widespread malady brought on by this endless summer–a heat and humidity induced fugue that left everyone in its wake fanning themselves and refusing to leave the house.” Jessica Claire

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