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Canon Camera found after washing up on the beech!

Canon Camera found after washing up on the beech!
The reason I use Canon cameras and Sandisk cards is shown. Reliability is always very important to professional photographers. I know this is exceptional circumstances but I feel a sense of trust in my equipments ability.
This Camera post originally comes from Markus Thompson.
Original Post: For Sale: Canon EOS 1000D Description: only used underwater once, in the Pacific Ocean, for approximately one year. Actual story: found off the end of a wharf in Deep Bay, BC while I was diving on a job for the harbour. I removed the SD card, cleaned it up, stuck it in a card reader and after being underwater in a corroding camera since August 2010 – it works! Approximately 50 pictures on the card from a family vacation. If you know a fire fighter from British Columbia whose team won the Pacific Regional Firefit competition, has a lovely wife and (now) 2 year old daughter – let me know. I would love to get them their vacation photos 🙂 There are other clues on within the pictures – I think we should be able to track them down (not sure he’ll want the camera back tho).

The camera’s owner has now been found….

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