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Are you ready?

Despite the glamour and hype you have seen about the modelling profession, it’s hard work. It’s boring (sometimes) and it can be tedious. Prepared to be constantly rejected, get ready for some major ups and downs. Modelling is a lifestyle, not an 9-5 job.

Are you willing to put the time and energy into competing with pretty much everyone you meet, 24 hrs a day?

You’ll need a modelling portfolio, I’m sure you’ll all know what one of those is but for those that don’t it’s basically a selection of pictures showing yourself in different outfits and poses. Make sure you get a variety of different looks such as swimwear, catalogue and lingerie, you get the idea, also get a couple of black and white shots in there. Avoid using pictures of the same shot.
It can be very advantageous to have photographs from different photographers in a portfolio.

Before going ahead with a photo shoot ask to look at the photographers portfolio to see if you like his photography. No doubt if you go to the photographers studio to book the appointment he will have examples of his work on display anyway. Avoid photographers wanting to take nude shots.

The Agency

GOLDEN RULE – Don’t go with an agency who asks for money up front! You’ll probably never hear from them again and I certainly doubt you’ll ever get any work from them.

More modelling tip and photography news to come soon.

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