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Holiday to Majorca (Photos)

Well I’ve been to Majorca this year for my holiday and here are a few pictures from my travels.

We hired a car from Record they we very good and based within the airport so very convenient.

We were staying in Sa Coma on the east coast near Portocristo.

One day we went for a drive around the island.

We drove to Palma then to Valldemossa which was a good road and interesting sights, after there we headed through the mountains to Soller and Port de Soller.

That was an interesting drive and prepared us for the drive ahead as we headed further up the mountains and deeper inland to some truly amazing sights.

As we drove to Luc where there is a monastery it was true mountain roads great fun to drive along.

After that the day had been tiring with the hot weather so we headed back via Inca and Manacor.

One evening we went along to the next town and went to a restaurant called Mr Paparazzi

I managed to put my camera on sun beds and bins to capture some night shots as well. The odd sunrise was captured but after along weight as i got up 2 hrs early.

Heres a picture of me and Sophie on the roof top.

I really enjoyed taking photos on holiday in Majorca as it is very pretty.

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