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Wolf Kettlers Model Advice Guide

I have also found another very interesting site that may be of use for up and coming models.

I get emails and messages on myspace daily asking me if I think they can be a model and as you can see by this and the other information it’s not that easy.

Its all about a package and not just one picture or your looks.

Hope the information below and links to Wolf Kettlers website help.

Nobody can give you a step-by-step guide on how to become a model. I have, however, attempted a roadmap to modeling which may help you heading in the right direction.

This section of the model’s guide also contains common sense tips for aspiring models on how to be safe and professional.

The roadmap to modeling, or, how to become a model

A tip sheet with issues you need to consider if you want to become a model.

As with any career, find out first whether the job is right for you. Just imagining that modeling is your dream career does not mean it is what you think it should be.

Then, determine whether you satisfy the criteria (qualifications, abilities and, in the case of modeling, physical requirements). Next, design your own marketing strategy to get that job.

1. The right attitude for the job

Be realistic about what modeling is about and what you can expect to achieve. Aim high, put in all you have got, expect success but always be prepared to fail.

Do some soul searching and ask yourself why you want to become a model. Know your strengths and limitations. There is more to modeling than thinking that you are beautiful and believing that you can do it.

Modeling is hard work. You need not only the right body but also more than a handful of brain cells. You have to be very reliable and willing to learn. You need to be able to take directions and also put in your own ideas. You need to realise that this is not about you. You play only a small part but you need to play it well. There are plenty more aspiring models out there who are at least as promising as you are. Unless and until you have arrived at the very top of your profession, you are in no position to make demands. Most importantly, you must be able to take rejection. Success is by no means guaranteed.

To put it another way – to become a model, you need three things: The right body, a good brain and a robust personality.

2. What you can do with your body

Disappointing as it may be, you will never be a fashion model if you are short and chubby. Likewise, you will never be a glamour model if you don’t have the body and looks, and are not prepared to bear your skin.

Consider what type of modeling you want to get into and whether you satisfy the physical requirements.

3. Sell yourself

Once you are satisfied that modeling is the right career for you (see 1) and you have determined what you can and want to do within the modeling industry (see 2), do some thorough research and determine your marketing strategy.

You may want to be signed up with a top agency or work freelance, advertising your services through one of the modeling sites on the Internet.

Depending on what market you aim for, you may need no more than a few simple photos – or you may need a model portfolio.

You can see this information at Wolf Kettler Models Guide Roadmap


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